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It's been a while since I promised to be more lj-active this year. Lol. Tbf I'm inmidst of life-ruining exam preparations and I want to die, so I refuse to feel bad about being dead because I am actually a corpse, so. Anyway since it's the weekend and I'm on a little break from studying, here we go.

Good news is that my exam subjects are seriously SO INTERESTING like, I'm really into it. Atm my friend Emma and I are studying material analysis methods (so infrared-spectroscopy, SEM, Raman etc. etc.) and despite it being the most draining topic to learn about, we're totally amazed by the workings of this stuff. Anyway. Tomorrow we'll go over dating procedures like Carbon 14, so that'll be cool too.

As you can imagine, my non-school life is pretty much zero. Thankfully I'm still energized enough to keep my flat running and clean and myself fed and (mostly) getting enough rest. So I'm quite pleased with myself.

It's snowing pretty much every day lately, but since it isn't that cold, the snow doesn't pile up that much. (Which is good because the bicycle is my main mode of transportation these days.)

Being a zombie doesn't stop me from enjoying a few things, so let me make a list of media things I've been enjoying lately :

- I've been watching this French singing reality show that's based on American Idol so you get the gist - but insert French hipsters and cute underaged wannabes (wannabe Kurt Cobain used to be my second fave now I'm not so sure anymore). Unfortunately, the votes of the public/jury have been ditching all of my favorites as of late, so I'm getting less fond of the show as a whole. Which is sad, this it's been my main source of entertainment in January.

- My lunch breaks mainly consist of watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. A PERFECT SHOW. I love everyone with a passion. Like seriously, every character existing on this show is presh, what are favorites etc etc. That being said, protect Sokka at all costs, bye. Basically, I have tons of feelings so let's discuss!!! But come with no spoiers - I'm up to 2x07.

- Vera (aka [ profile] theramble) is making me watch Roommate, which is an SBS reality show with 11 k-celebrities living together big brother style. And of course my ultimate faves turn out to be the "oldies". Shin Sung Woo and Lee So Ra. BUT LIKE HOW CAN ONE HATE. First of all, faces. Seriously, FACES!!! And they are so keen on mothering all of the youngsters? I cannot resist that shit ok ok ok. Sung Woo keeps cooking for everyone like a master chef and So Ra is leaving the unnie dream giving all the girls emotional support, I just cry. (Also she has the most soothing narrator voice, it's like heaven seriously.) In other words, NO THANK YOU Vera =___=.

Last but not least, I've made the terrible decision to sign up for femslash big bang. Omfg, what is wrong with me... But! I have hope that this will help me to finalize my Krystal/Sulli fic of doom. Right now I have a 4,5k draft and I'm hoping to reach 10k (lmao, a girl can dream). I'm toying with the idea of posting it in sections throughout the years, since that's allowed?

Another cool thing is that podfic is allowed too, so ideally I'd like to submit around 5k of podfic. This is very optimistic, but I think it's doable. I already have a Jungli fic in mind I want to record (and the author's given me permission, yay). But I'm looking for more material, so if you know any femslash fic you'd want to see podfic'ed, leave me a link! I'd be thrilled about more Kpop material of course, but I'll do pretty much any fandom :)

Okay that's it for today!

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This is such a great post. I love everything 100%

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The only thing I don't love about snow is that it makes it harder to use my bicycle, which I can't survive without, it is the greatest. <3 (mine was stolen early this year and i got a new one within a few days because i had to walk everywhere and it SUCKED)

YOU ARE WATCHING AVATAR OMG OMG and omg you've so much more to see THERE ARE SO MANY GLORIOUS THINGS I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. also yes: Sokka is the most wonderful and one of the few times i've actually LIKED that type of male lead? In some ways he is the Xander of the show except ONE MILLION TIMES BETTER. i love him a lot ;___;

(i want to use my atla icon but it's a bit spoilery sobs)
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(i'm on a replying roll, i should get back to you in kkt soon tooooo.)

your exam subjects sound badass. your amount of badass is growing in my eyes the more i learn about you otl

ATLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! literally a perfect show. your everyone is presh conclusion is LEGIT. (tho i do have an ultimate, katara the loml.)

re: roommate I HAVE NO REGRETS. converted my mom as well. also unnie sora/maknae gayeon is my all. (alas i'm now at season 2 so my watching drive has slowed down. i'm curious if you're gonna continue once most of the s1 peeps will have left. </3) ALSO i have two goodies for you: 1) sora interviewing taemin (ur bae is mentioned also), 2) model sungwoo. ♥ (FUCKING HELL I'M GIVING UP ON TRYING TO MAKE THIS WORK W LINKS, LEMME KNOW IF YOU HAVEN'T GOTTEN THEM IN THE MILLION EDIT NOTIFS I AM VERY SORRY.)
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