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2015-02-01 04:21 pm

Ce soir pas de tenue exigée

It's been a while since I promised to be more lj-active this year. Lol. Tbf I'm inmidst of life-ruining exam preparations and I want to die, so I refuse to feel bad about being dead because I am actually a corpse, so. Anyway since it's the weekend and I'm on a little break from studying, here we go.

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2014-08-15 03:49 pm

[podfic] My Queen, by upupa_epops

Title: My Queen
Author: [ profile] upupa_epops / semele

Fandom: Reign (forever lol because I don't even go there...)
Character/pairing: Mary/Bash
Rating: Mature
Warnings: 1x18 spoilers, butchering of any Scots words that are in this.

Read by: [ profile] vergoldung
Length: 5 minutes

Summary: Technically, this is some kind of treason, though Bash doesn't really stop to think what kind of treason. There's a world of a difference between betraying his brother and betraying the Dauphin. In fact, this is the difference between life and death, but he'd do it anyway, so why waste time on fruitless deliberations?

Links : streaming or download

Note: This is basically instant gratification podfic after a bad day and omg I had SO MUCH FUN recording this. It was super relaxing not to care about my accent for a change? A+ work conditions, would do it again! Sorry for the background noise, I wish it wasn't so. Last but not least, a big thank you goes to [ profile] kwritten for her good advice and her cheerleading ♥
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2014-07-26 06:01 pm

[podfic] Straw House, Straw Dog. From the poem collection Crush, by Richard Siken.

Title: Straw House, Straw Dog
Author: Richard Siken
Read by: [ profile] vergoldung
Recipient: [ profile] iwantchocopie aka Hyemiiii ♥
Rating: General audiences
Warnings: Death, grief.
Length: 4 minutes

Links : streaming or download

Notes: I'm learning to accept that it always takes me an average of four months to record anything, lol. There is this first step where I need to do one million experimental takes and edits, until I have a semi-clear idea of how I want the text to read. And then I'm too intellectual about it to get it right, ugh. Insert frustrated screams, followed up by a few months of avoidance. But when I do find myself inspired to try again? Everything flows naturally and it's not rare for the first take to be a wrap!!?? It's like I need to give all this text dissection and exercise in pace~ time to sink in until I don't need to think about it any longer...

I want to thank my darling Hyemi for inspiring me to record this. This is the most difficult piece I've recorded so far and let me tell you I HAVE SUFFERED A LOT WORKING ON IT THIS WAS THE HORROR. But now that it's done I'm so glad I didn't give up on it :) A million kisses to Rin, who gave me the needed push to finish this. My favorite bully ♥. And of course, all the thankings to my beta Alex, who always bears with my hysterical whining with impressive calmness. Guardian of my broken sanity :').
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2013-12-15 10:35 pm

[podfic] of cutthroat ilk, by rhllors

Title: of cutthroat ilk
Author: [ profile] mind_conundrum / rhllors / cromwelled

Fandom: Harry Potter
Character/pairing: Bellatrix Lestrange, Andromeda Black, Narcissa Malfoy, Cygnus Black.
Rating: Gen

Read by: [ profile] vergoldung
Length: 8 minutes

Summary: There was once a man who would have been King, born into one of the oldest families in England. He had everything he could have wanted--a name that struck fear into the heart of his enemies, a young wife, a future as a leader. All he needed now was some sons; an heir and a spare, possibly or a son and daughter, one to continue the name and other to multiply and prosper, continue the bloodline. Tojours Pur. Everything is pure.

It is good to remember, though, that this isn't a fairy-tale and no one gets what they want. A man that would be king was no exception, and he is given three daughters. A warrior, a free woman and a flower made of ice.

Links : streaming or download

Note: Finally, it's alive. Not my best, but it's okay. However, y'all need to check out all of rhllors's writing because it's amazing.

First of all, many thanks to Mimi for for giving me her approval and trusting me to get it right. Even though I'm not especially happy with this recording, it was a delight to work with this text, because I just love it so much! Also, thanks to [ profile] sisi_rambles who helped me get in contact with the author, without her this would probably not have been a thing. And of course, thanks a million to [ profile] ever_neutral who beta'd this twice and didn't even complain. You are the star BLACK HOLE of my life etc etc.
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2013-04-22 02:16 pm

[podfic] Happily Ever After, by upupa_epops

Title: Happily Ever After, aka "The Piano Porn"
Author: [ profile] upupa_epops

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Character/pairing: Elena/Damon
Rating: NC-17

Read by: [ profile] vergoldung
Length: 12 minutes

Links : streaming or download

Note: Amldjamldj my first podfic!!! Who knew there'd come a day I'd know vampire porn by heart? (Hint : not me.) I'd like to thank [ profile] upupa_epops for trusting me with her writing, as it was such a pleasure to work with. And also big  thankings to [ profile] ever_neutral and [ profile] kwritten for holding my hand and reassuring me enough that I'd post. I heart y'all ♥!