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Finally. Finally, I've gotten my shit together, done a lot of pic selecting, rambled on about my habits, in order to bring you:


I know, I know, I've been talking about this for over two months now... But it's here now. So no excuses left for the rest of y'all. Do it!!!

WARNING: MANY PICTURES AHEAD. A LOT OF MY FACE IN THEM TOO, WHOOPS. MAYBE I SHOULD HAVE CALLED THIS THE SELFIE MEME? IDK IDK. I take too many photos of my hair, you guys. And my face is almost always in them!!!

1. Describe your natural hair, or alternatively, your current hair.

Brown, straight and very long. I've had it hovering inbetween waist and tailbone length for about five years or so and I've started considering cutting it short(er). But so far that has not happened yet. I'm scared I will feel naked without this flowing body extension, lol.

2. How do you usually wear your hair? How do you usually wear your hair? Do you generally put time and effort into your weave? Or are you a lazy-ass bitch like OP?

I literally wear my hair in a bun every single day of the week, because I'm lazy as fuck in the mornings. And a bun does require me less than 15 seconds to look good, which is my jam. Thirty seconds to pick up a cute hair accessories to sparkle it up. One and half minute if I'm putting in the effort to smooth out my skalp hair so it looks like the rest of my hair is brushed trololol. So yeah, I'd say the thing I'm most lazy about is waking up in the morning ^^. No but seriously : brushing it and washing it. Definitely the most annoying part.

My hair 99% of the time. Sadly, I've lost this gorgeous dragon hair stick Ranya gave to me :(

I do, on occasion, spend a ridiculous amount of time and effort into my hair, because I like to be a fancy hoe. (Sometimes I go to a party just to make people jealous that I have better hairstyling abilities than they do? I'm petty like that.) Good thing about parties is that they usually take place at night because I am much more inclined to prep when the morning is a fleeting memory.

Still a bun, okay. But a sleek bun?

3. What is your hair-washing schedule? Do you have an ironclad hair-care regimen? Tell us your secrets!!!!!!!!!

Hmmm, at the moment I don't really have a hair washing schedule. After my one year long experiment of Sebum Only (no hair washing, not even hair rinsing), I kind of vary back and forth between periods where I wash my hair every week or so and phases where I'll just forget about it for 4 to 5 weeks. It's circumstantial, basically. This also means that my hair routine is close to none existing lately. Back when I was still growing out my hair, I used to oil the ends regularly inbetween washes and used a lot of conditioner. But now I'm not that fond of the feeling of conditioner in my hair anymore and oiling does not seem as necessary anymore. To be honest I feel like after the Sebum Only year my hair has remained in excellent condition, so special care hasn't seemed necessary yet.

4. What's your go-to hairstyle for dressing up? As in, the hairstyle that looks bomb for when you want to look done up, while being a safe bet (because you've mastered that motherfucker.)

Depends on :
1) The state of my hair
2) For what type of events I'm trying to show off
3) How much time I have to get ready

If the circumstances allow it and I'm in the mood to wash my hair, I'll let it loose.

But usually, if it's winter and I need to wear a big coat or if I'm going out to dance, then I will not let my hair down. It's simply too impractical. If I still want to showcase my length, then I'll go for a variation of the high pony - typically with a big colourful bow (matching my outfit). A pretty ponytail requires a bit of work though, so if I'm running a bit shorter on time, I'll go for a bun variation. Either with accent braids or hair accessories to embellish the look.

Braided looks are my favorite thing, but since they often take ages with my hair length, I only resort to them for extra fancy events, or on weekends when I'm home alone and want to look cute just because. My go to braid when I want to dress up is a french five-strand.

5. Do / have you dye/d your hair and if so, what colours. Can you compete with OP's colour-damaged ends or nah?

I've only dip-dyed my hair so far, because dying all of my hair seems a bit too risky - since I can't just "cut it off and wait for it to grow back" if I don't like it or once I want to go back to my natural hair colour, because that will literally take me seven years. That being said, I really enjoyed having magenta tips! I think if I would do it again, I'd go for something of a teel colour.

6. Haircut regrets and/or haircut nostalgia.

Not really. I mean, like everybody I had the "ugh, the hairdresser ruined my hair and cut off too much" situation several times, but nothing tragic that made me regret the haircut altogether. Probably because I've never had the guts to go for a radical haircut change... (I need to experiment more with hairstyles ^^.)

Right now I have the hair length I always dreamed about as a child, so I'm not nostalgic, yet :P

7. Two options: A) Show us the holy grail of your hairstyling abilities. B) The most epic hair somebody else has done on your head.

The holy graal of my hairstyling abilities is probably the beehive. I've done one very sleak version and one teased version and both turned out killer, imho. The second beehive (picture 2 and 3) was done for Lizzie's 60s prompt!

An honorable mention to this super difficult braid flower thing that Myriam prompted me to do, like nine million years ago. I really liked how the rolled up braids showed off my dip dye :)

8. What is your #1 unattainable hair goal, the reason you lie awake at night?

Please Satan, give me Lizzie's skill at creating glamorous hollywood waves on long hair :'(. I actually lose sleep over this, why is her hairrrrr.

It's funny because for the longest time, I thought that artificial waves were so unattractive? Like, I'm probably the only person in the universe who felt that Buffy's season 5 hair was a downgrade?? #unpopular opinions. But yeah, the omnipresence of iron waved hair in American fashion really beats me. Like, I just don't understand what's supposed to be aesthetical about it, it just looks profoundly fake - in particular when the ends are left straight, one of the most unfortunate fashion trends of our age, imo. It's not at that I have a problem with all artificial waves. I do feel some fondness for the classic hollywood perm? I feel like it wants to be a curl more than the loose-wave-away-from-the-face does. Even though both are equally aggressive about taming the curl and control any life in the hair (especially frizz -- va de retro) and generally very intolerant towards real curl phenomenons. Anyway, the hollywood glam wavecurl pleases my eyes more somehow.

I've grown less allergic to the fake half-wave over the years, so I've been more appreciative of people rocking it. On occasion I've even longed to recreate it at home. Suffice to say: LOL. The weight of your length be fighting you every step of the way. "No, you will not keep that aesthetic, haha, I will make all your efforts sag and droop!", is pretty much the anthem here. So basically I am obsessed with difficult things and getting large curls or defined waves to hold is a true challenge on long hair. That being said, I've recently stumbled upon this amazing lady on Youtube that has the greatest tutorials for heatless waves on very long hair! So my plan is to try this for the holidays and if it works I'll find peace, at last.

I'm not mentionning all of the truly unattainable hair goals, that are all the other glorious hair textures that exist in this world. I mean, you only need to look at Janelle Monáe once to understand the true meaning of unattainable goals. But that's only to name one, because lbr, the list goes on and on. (Maybe there should be a seperate meme for listing hair idols?)

9. Last but not least: Gratuitous hair picspam time. In no particular order, share your fave hair-themed selfies. Doesn't matter how old the pic or how shitty the lighting--all we care about is celebrating the cuteness of your hair!!!!!!

*knacks knuckles*

Pin curls for the school's yearly costume party, where I went as a vampire. Those contacts were killing me, btw. 0/10, do not recommend.

My hair the following year, and no, I am not a vampire again, I'm a bat. Different things, ok.

The before look that I wore at school all day in order to get the big pretty curls from the previous pictures, that instantly sagged once I released them #woe. Also the full look with my bat wings, hehe.

My hair for the Infinite concert in 2013! A great choice, in retrospective. This year I went with a simple bun and I had to redo it several times during the show because it kept falling apart from all the hysterical jumping.

Speaking of INFINITE: this hilar selfie where I created an infinity symbol out of tartare steak, because why not, right? It was totally delicious, yes. Also there is a neat fishtail braid that took me like 35 minutes to do! Yet another instance of Sebum Only photographing surprisingly well, because this is me at 9 months of no hair washing, oops.

S-shaped french braid updo, that looks less difficult than it was ^^'.

Sailor moon inspired hair, yay.

Lace crown braid fun.

Braided pony and five-strand braids.

Killer warrior princess braid!!! I love this look so much. I would wear it all the time, if it wasn't so uncomfortable to wear.


Erm, so do some of you flisties remember that old Hair Prompt Meme thing I did in September 2014? *sweats* Because, hilariously I have had all my pictures done since like Octobre 2014.... but somehow never got around to post them OTL. There are over half of them missing today, because they are saved on my old computer (that I left in Bern, so I will only get access to it in January). But I thought I'd still post the other half, since I'm finally posting shit!!!! So without further ado, I present you half of the Hair Prompt Meme thing :

Kelsey's prompt(s): a nine-strand braid that has a crown to decorate the front / to tie it all together. (I'm not sure I actually managed to do a nine-strand... It might be a seven-strand?). And a (failed) waterfall braid. I blame my freshly washed hair for the struggle, lol. The Arwen braid was also done!! I wore it for a hike ;) I will try to update with that picture in January.

Myriam's prompt(s): bun with accent braids and diamonds sparkles! And a round four-strand braid that I had a really hard time photgraphing, lol.

Alex's prompt: headband and braids. Turned out to be my most fashionable meme look. Forgive this terrible posing, but on this particular day I wanted to hide my face from the camera. It happens to all of us.

Amazing princess hair I got from Zoe's prompt: inspiration here. I also did a terrible rendition of the rainbow prompt, that I will add in January. But the sleek flower bun? I did not even try. Way too difficult D:

Fun lolita doll look I did for Lizzie's "surprise me" prompt, worn with a cool lace tutu that you can't really see here (but that isn't the purpose of this post either). I took the train from Bern to Paris in those curl rollers (out of kitchen papers, lol), because the result was going to be worth it.

Jessica and Kenna, your prompts are also done but both on the old computer :( Seriously remind me to get this done in January if I forget, yes?

Okay, folks. That's it for today. To those who survived the length of this post, congratulations.
I know I totally exagerated on the amount of pictures, but there is no need to be as expansive to do this meme, so do it, do it, do iiiit!

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ohhhhhhhhh my gooooooood

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omg I'm thirty fucking seven years old and this is the first time I'm hearing this common sense

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