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Title: Lost Song
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Ginny, Pansy, Blaise, Draco
Pairings: ambiguous
Summary: It's a small hand in her hand and a sweet tune in her ear and that's all she ever needed from a late night snack. Double date gone wrong or gone right. Or: nobody is straight and everybody has a sadness inside.
Word count: 585

A/N: I'm not doing super well these days and hiding from everyone, but here, have this semi-hermetic ficlet?

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It's been a while since I promised to be more lj-active this year. Lol. Tbf I'm inmidst of life-ruining exam preparations and I want to die, so I refuse to feel bad about being dead because I am actually a corpse, so. Anyway since it's the weekend and I'm on a little break from studying, here we go.

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title: lay out the rules that we can't break
fandom: infinite rpf
character: vampire!hoya and pet!myungsoo
(yep you read that right, after a year of empty promises, this is me finally writing a snipet of catsoo, yep you're allowed to cheer)
rating: uh, idk? PG? (somebody give me a ratings 101 pls)
length: 784w
disclaimer: if the word vampire doesn't convince you that this is complete fiction, then i really don't know what to do with you?
summary: the story of how myungsoo became hoya's pet starting from the very beginning. (in other words, this is the prequel to a sexycool petplaying story that hasn't been written by anybody yet. it's a shame, i agree.)

notes: hiiiii, i'm making a muchly belated comeback, but here i am!!! with terrible flashfic because alex sucks the life out of me (yes, pun very much intended) and it seemed like a better ice-breaker post than my usual angst novels. ergo, i apologize for lack of grammar and overall unpolishedness, but this was written in under an hour as payback for alex' incessant smugness. tbh this would still need a lot of work over, but alex said to post it like that and after months of radio silence i feel like posting something today so let's do it. fancy fics with fancy words are for other people!

((ps - idk how big this will come up on your feed but i have to have larger font to make it readable on my journal))

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title: his house is actually a castle
fandom: the heirs
character/ship: Eun Sang/Tan, Eun Sang-centric
rating: gen (i guess? idk tbh, somebody teach me ratings pls)
length: 2300w
disclaimer: i hate alex more than any other creature on this planet. everything sucks.
summary: This all starts in the states, where Tan is this slightly intimidating, part intriguing, part suspicious, part knight-in-shining-armor type.

notes: i literally don't even know what to say. except that this is the worst idea that i ever had EVER. and by that i mean befriending alex. she is legit the most hateful person to exist. and just so you know this is actually flashfic, that i'm disguiding as real fic, with those fancy capitals and all that jazz. don't be fooled. to be exact it's 56 minutes flashfic (and then a lot of formatting to make up for it /o\). you guys, i don't know even what i'm doing, this is officially my second fic. i hate my life.

basically this is my response to the question : but what does eunsang see in tan?

also i'm reading this again and again, and the more i read it, the more i question my ability to english, what is english. and i honestly feel terrible for even calling this fic, but idk be nice to me, i'll do better next time and tbh this was never supposed to be posted, it's just on the spot headcanon vomit because i have a lot of feels, but i felt like those feels might be relevant to our general conversation idek IDEK this is such a bad idea. but i can edit this for half of eternity and it wouldn't change much, so i'm just going to post this and idk sleep or something. /cries in a corner

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title: as if it were forever
fandom: infinite rpf (ugh i hate everybody a lot, myself especially)
character: myungsoo's brain the way i fanon it
rating: gen
length: 402w
disclaimer: i own nothing and especially not the insight into that particularly pretty head, nothing about this is real etc etc
summary: The van rides are always longer when they drive away from home.

notes: so it's 5am right now and i already know i'm going to regret this.
(also, i am feeling highly emotionally unavailable right now, so i'm really sorry if i am talking to you on/off :( i'm just trying to figure out shit and it ain't happening the way i would like it to work. so have this instead while i sort things out.)

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So... my inbox is threatening to kill me if I don't get back to all the things--which I can see because I actually managed to snatch the wireless code for my computer (yay)--but instead of catching up, this happened o__O  I don't even know what to do about the fact that I'm writing, but let's just roll with it because I don't wish to overthink this. (There is enough brain hysteria in my life as is it.)

Hm, I'm not sure how to present this. But it's basically angsty ~poetry about my existential sex issues? Whatever. Welcome to the ridiculousness that is my mind.

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