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Title: Straw House, Straw Dog
Author: Richard Siken
Read by: [ profile] vergoldung
Recipient: [ profile] iwantchocopie aka Hyemiiii ♥
Rating: General audiences
Warnings: Death, grief.
Length: 4 minutes

Links : streaming or download

Notes: I'm learning to accept that it always takes me an average of four months to record anything, lol. There is this first step where I need to do one million experimental takes and edits, until I have a semi-clear idea of how I want the text to read. And then I'm too intellectual about it to get it right, ugh. Insert frustrated screams, followed up by a few months of avoidance. But when I do find myself inspired to try again? Everything flows naturally and it's not rare for the first take to be a wrap!!?? It's like I need to give all this text dissection and exercise in pace~ time to sink in until I don't need to think about it any longer...

I want to thank my darling Hyemi for inspiring me to record this. This is the most difficult piece I've recorded so far and let me tell you I HAVE SUFFERED A LOT WORKING ON IT THIS WAS THE HORROR. But now that it's done I'm so glad I didn't give up on it :) A million kisses to Rin, who gave me the needed push to finish this. My favorite bully ♥. And of course, all the thankings to my beta Alex, who always bears with my hysterical whining with impressive calmness. Guardian of my broken sanity :').


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