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Title: Lost Song
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Ginny, Pansy, Blaise, Draco
Pairings: ambiguous
Summary: It's a small hand in her hand and a sweet tune in her ear and that's all she ever needed from a late night snack. Double date gone wrong or gone right. Or: nobody is straight and everybody has a sadness inside.
Word count: 585

A/N: I'm not doing super well these days and hiding from everyone, but here, have this semi-hermetic ficlet?

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Title: of cutthroat ilk
Author: [ profile] mind_conundrum / rhllors / cromwelled

Fandom: Harry Potter
Character/pairing: Bellatrix Lestrange, Andromeda Black, Narcissa Malfoy, Cygnus Black.
Rating: Gen

Read by: [ profile] vergoldung
Length: 8 minutes

Summary: There was once a man who would have been King, born into one of the oldest families in England. He had everything he could have wanted--a name that struck fear into the heart of his enemies, a young wife, a future as a leader. All he needed now was some sons; an heir and a spare, possibly or a son and daughter, one to continue the name and other to multiply and prosper, continue the bloodline. Tojours Pur. Everything is pure.

It is good to remember, though, that this isn't a fairy-tale and no one gets what they want. A man that would be king was no exception, and he is given three daughters. A warrior, a free woman and a flower made of ice.

Links : streaming or download

Note: Finally, it's alive. Not my best, but it's okay. However, y'all need to check out all of rhllors's writing because it's amazing.

First of all, many thanks to Mimi for for giving me her approval and trusting me to get it right. Even though I'm not especially happy with this recording, it was a delight to work with this text, because I just love it so much! Also, thanks to [ profile] sisi_rambles who helped me get in contact with the author, without her this would probably not have been a thing. And of course, thanks a million to [ profile] ever_neutral who beta'd this twice and didn't even complain. You are the star BLACK HOLE of my life etc etc.
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The ~shipping list.

I have actually done something similar a few months back. It ended up being way too analytical, and sadly word-overload (mercilessly) takes all the fun out of these things. (PIus, since I keep changing my mind about ships and love to pick up new (and even worse) combinations, I was constantly editing my thoughts or adding explanations. Really, that's too much work on the long run. So no eloquent justifications this time. I will however update this list once in a while. Probably. I'm rather predictable.)

So. Since I have a weak mind, fail at hiatus and I'm easily influenced by my flist, this is my new list. Yay.

The formating is pretty simple. I list the fandom, the five characters I'm most crazy about (and obviously, these aren't the only characters I love, but five is a neat number), and my ships. Which I didn't restrain to a number. Because really. How could I ever choose fairly? There are fandoms where I don't have that many ships, but most of the time, I have too many of 'em. And it feels weird cutting it down to five or ten ships when I actively read for about twenty combinations (and passionately ship about fourty because, yes, HP fandom ruined my soul). I know that I have forgotten ships. Hell, I've certainly forgotten fandoms! (But for now, this should do fine. Besides, editing ftw.)

I think the bolding and underlining speaks for itself*, as far as my shipping frenzy goes. Speaking of frenzy, I ended up selecting a top ten ships. So if the length of this list (understandably) scares you, here goes the condensed version. With pictures and flail!
[Um, I am still working on it. But it will happen. Soon. Otherwise, just yell at me.]

Oh. Also. I have a fondness for kink!porn and dark!ships. Doomed things are the light of my nights. There are cases where I strongly dislike the ship but love reading about it's awfulness. That is enough for it to make the list. Yes. Basically, this list holds all things that capture my fannish attention, good or bad. So as long as you don't assume that this is representative of my romantic aspirations, we're good. If you're curious to know in which way I ship a pairing, feel free to pester me with questions (outraged accusations work too). But just to be clear, my definition of shipping is pretty loose. Sometimes I want happily ever after, most of the time I just want boning, often I want abusive-not-ever-after, I frequently dig unrequited, and on rare occasions I just want good ol' platonical love.

*And the brackets work like this : I ship the pairing (not the threesome, even if I sometimes also ship the threesome) but with the looming presence of the third person. That can mean that there is unrequited love towards that third person (from one or both), that the third person is dead but remains a haunting presence (that could go as far as inducing unconscious identity mix-ups by one party), or that one of the two is additionally involved with the third person (for example because if the third person is the spouse). In any case, when formated like that I am not interested in the triangle per se, but in the resulting issues of that evil set-up for the ship in question. Making the presence or absence of this third person essential to the dynamic. (I think the ships in question should speak for themselves.)

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