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Ok so seriously my internet situation is getting very annoying, so even if I now get occasional internet, I don't really feel like flisting, I'm sorry :(

BUT. The Heirs has taken over my life (SORRY FOR EVERYBODY WHO ISN'T WATCHING TBH. Y'ALL ARE MISSING OUT ON ALL OUR EPIC CONVOS.) and yesterday I was typing up "a few" of my ep 7/8 thoughts, because I didn't feel like making a post, but Lizzie was so kind and did one \o/. What I didn't expect was for my rambling to get so out of control omfg *facepalms*. So in the end, this reached such an embarrassing comment length that I decided to post half of it at Lizzie's and half of it as its own post.

And with those intro words I welcome you to the Tan/Eun Sang overanalysis post. Feel at home.

I'm crossposting two sections of the blabber I left at Lizzie's, because I feel like without them, the following will make less sense ; but for all the rest, you can find it (and everybody else's squee as well - because we are an active fandom yo!) at Lizzie's page if you wish, here. But it's very TL;DR so a brief summary of what you should know : Kim Won needs to be removed from my eyesight, Bona/Eunsang is the ultimate OTP and if you disagree then you are wrong and need to reconsider your life choices, other random shit (seriously, I have no idea how this even got so long).

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Okkk... this has been disgustingly long, but it's over now!

Now, please put me out of my misery and discuss this with me. Or other things, whatever, as long as it's show related, come at meee!
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Dearly Departed. I'm broken hearted.

So, Memorial!
I just finished watching the episode with my sis and it's almost three in the morning (my time where did it go?), so quickly.

Overall I really enjoyed this episode. There were annoying things, but most of them were executed well enough for me to bite down my bile. Well done show. And as the episode went on I was merely reduced to two kinds of emoting :
1) OMG CAROLINE/ELENA OMG OMG NEVER STOP THIS. ALL THE FEELS. I never thought they'd give me that, so I think that magnified the beauty of it all. IT WAS FUCKING FLAWLESS.

Basically. It's funny that these are both things I was sure I wasn't going to get. My faith in the writers is lower than ever, apparently. But nonetheless, I was loudly yelping. (My pain is grand, what can I say.)

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Because I'm so late with everything in my life right now, I just watched the Gossip Girl finale.

And now I desperately wish I never had. I want to curl up in a hole and fucking die.

I don't think an hour of TV ever left me this crushed. And it is not the good kind of crushed - the crushing that has you marveling about the writers skills at the same time. Oh, no. Hell no. I am fucking destroyed.

How is something so fucking offensive even allowed to screen? With naive, gullible teens as a target audience? My faith in good things equals zero right now. I don't even care that much about this show. But shameless character assassination, abuse apologia and glorification(!) is just too much to take, even as a casual viewer. HOW DARE THEY. HOW FUCKING DARE THEY PORTRAY A (NEVER-ENDING, THANK YOU VERY MUCH WRITERS!) CYCLE OF ABUSE AS AN ONGOING EPIC ROMANCE? I'm just dumbfounded.

And I made the silly mistake of checking out a youtube link to the most offensive scene of the episode. I want to puke. My faith in people is gone too. It is beyond me. How can writers entice themselves to glamorize the horror of self-loathing, absence of self-worth and blind submission? I'm not cut out for this shit. I have thought a lot about Chuck and Blair (being such a devoted shipper, back in the day - my first ship y'all!) and their place within the show. Wether or not they would be endgame. Wether or not I could deal with that. Naively, I had imagined that I would find it in my heart to gloss over all the bullshit and appreciate their reunion for what it would be what I thought it would have to be for the storytelling to make sense : two people learning from their mistakes, owning up to them, growing up and starting over. WHAT A FOOL I AM. Not only did I not find it in my heart to appreciate it for one second. I actually felt like screaming all the way. But worse. THEY ACTUALLY WENT FULL CIRCLE. Making it crystal clear that the (long overdue!) return of this EPIC relationship will be the blazing storyline of next and finale season. Congratulations. It's despicable.

And I'm done.

At least, I finally get to quit this sorry excuse of a show. So thank you for that, writers.
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I knew the day would come. Here comes my first TVD related post. I guess that now makes me an active part of fandom? I don't know. It feels a bit weird to voice my thoughts to the cold void of the internet, but apparently, live-emoting about the episode with my baby sister isn't going to cut it for the finale.

So, TVD finale?

Gave me all the fucking feelings. All of them. 
Hysterical laughter. Juvenile squee. Blind rage. Shippy feelings. Utter disdain. Overwhelming love. My brain was screaming in sheer indignation and my heart was sore from all the emotional abuse.

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