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Title: Lost Song
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Ginny, Pansy, Blaise, Draco
Pairings: ambiguous
Summary: It's a small hand in her hand and a sweet tune in her ear and that's all she ever needed from a late night snack. Double date gone wrong or gone right. Or: nobody is straight and everybody has a sadness inside.
Word count: 585

A/N: I'm not doing super well these days and hiding from everyone, but here, have this semi-hermetic ficlet?

Ginny sits back in her chair and swallows a a smile. Pansy's heels are digging into her thigh and with every chuckle coming from the insufferable girl, Ginny feels the intoxicating rush of anticipication filling her head. Shoe pressing into skin, daggers cutting open cloth and promising sin.

But not yet, because.

In front of them, Blaise and Draco are lost to the world. Zabini and Malfoy, the musical number. Drawn to each other's eyes, soon to be lost to the other's lips.

That's what Ginny thinks anyway, just as a particularly throaty note drips onto the marble floor, climbs up the back of her spine to settle on the tip of her tongue. She licks her lips and sways to the broken harmonies of boys that tried too hard to get drunk. Boys that clung too long to a life without song.

Catches up with you, doesn't it? Pansy is always right about boys, even boys who sing.

Maybe that's what is making the air so vibrant around them. Maybe why the bubbly feeling in Ginny's chest keeps rising to the surface, pushing. Ginny closes her mouth around it and swallows again. But it's still reaching for the ceiling. Bubbles of laughter fighting their way to the sun. Relentless, because maybe Pansy is so right about boys who sing.

The sparkly wine in Ginny's chest is threatening to overspill and this time she bites down a glittery line of love because love does not conquer all and Pansy never lies.

The feeling is wrapping itself around her waist and she can't help it.

It's a small hand in her hand and a sweet tune in her ear and that's all she ever needed from a late night snack. Double date gone wrong or gone right. A soft hand in her palm tweaking at the strings of her buzzing heart. Red nails dancing on her skin like ghost lights and she might just drown in Pansy's questioning stare.

Her hand looks so clumsy on Pansy's thigh. She barely lets herself feels the heat of it, quickly ghosting back to the ankles unapologetically sitting in her lap. There's a shy look on Pansy's flushed face and Ginny's blood is racing. There's an embarrassed giggle and another.

Ginny wants to crack a stupid joke. One that would make her brothers roar with laughter. But she’s worked too hard for this moment and now is not the time. Instead, she seals her lip with a slow flicker of tongue.

Hot. That's how it feels when she glances at Pansy's hopeful eyes for too long.

She's not sure how it happened, but they're so close now, lips less than a breath away. Too close. Ginny can't look at Pansy anymore. Love is a lie and she doesn't need another reminder. The soft exhale tickles her bottom lip and Ginny can't resist it. It's right there for her to taste it and so she takes a timid bite.

All the pieces fell into place and she remembers the melody now. And it's beautiful. Ginny doesn't know how she managed to forget.

Until a raunchy whistle breaks the spell and stupid boys are playing the wrong notes, honking like this always belonged to them. Instantly, Pansy pulls back. The bridge burned and the melody is gone. Somehow even the boys stopped singing, lost to their euphoric applause. More, it says. But Ginny knows it's dead.

Pansy rises without a word and takes nothing but Ginny's poisonned heart back to her dorm.
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