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Y'all. It's been way too long since we've had a vanity fest in this bar... But fear not, the vanity train is back in town!

Ergo, you should hop on and do your own version of this meme!!!

So what is this meme, you ask? A shameless picture spam meme, hell yeah! I love playing with my hair, so I'll make it a hair meme, but feel free to adapt it to your fancy :)

Basically: give me a hairstyle, pick a date, and I'll camwhore the hair in question! So yeah, prompt wild, prompt tame, but I need a prompt for each date or you fail! Rules are that there are no rules and that I'll try any style as long as it doesn't involve tons of back-combing (that ish is bad kids, don't do it at home). I reserve the right to joker out if you ask for a hairdo that's really too difficult for me...but try me ;). If you don't know how a style is called or how to describe it, just post a picture of it and I'll do my best to replicate that.

No worries, I'll spare you from the onslaught of insubstantial hair posts: one round up post a week! Sooo, I think that should cover it, but question away if need be. Ah yes, in case you had miraculously escaped my previous hair spams: I have straight hair that's about hip length.

Now, your turn to get to work :P

September 18th - 1960s (lizzie)
September 19th - rainbow (zoe)
September 23th - round four strand (myriam)
September 25th
September 27th - a nine strand + crown = hilar (kelsey)
September 29th - game-of-thrones-y (kenna)
October 1st - neat flower bun half up (zoe)
October 3rd - waterfall/ladder (kelsey)
October 5th - crown + soft curls help me (zoe)
October 7th - bun with accent braids + sparkles (myriam)
October 10th - the arwen braid haha (kelsey)
October 13th - braids + headband (alex)
October 15th - flowers (jessica)
October 18th - éléonore's choice ^^ (lizzie)
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