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title: lay out the rules that we can't break
fandom: infinite rpf
character: vampire!hoya and pet!myungsoo
(yep you read that right, after a year of empty promises, this is me finally writing a snipet of catsoo, yep you're allowed to cheer)
rating: uh, idk? PG? (somebody give me a ratings 101 pls)
length: 784w
disclaimer: if the word vampire doesn't convince you that this is complete fiction, then i really don't know what to do with you?
summary: the story of how myungsoo became hoya's pet starting from the very beginning. (in other words, this is the prequel to a sexycool petplaying story that hasn't been written by anybody yet. it's a shame, i agree.)

notes: hiiiii, i'm making a muchly belated comeback, but here i am!!! with terrible flashfic because alex sucks the life out of me (yes, pun very much intended) and it seemed like a better ice-breaker post than my usual angst novels. ergo, i apologize for lack of grammar and overall unpolishedness, but this was written in under an hour as payback for alex' incessant smugness. tbh this would still need a lot of work over, but alex said to post it like that and after months of radio silence i feel like posting something today so let's do it. fancy fics with fancy words are for other people!

((ps - idk how big this will come up on your feed but i have to have larger font to make it readable on my journal))

important for this verse: in this fic myungsoo is asexual. vampire!hoya might be sexual - i'll leave that up to you - but the point is that their relationship is not. oh and in case you didn't look up vampire!hoya even though i generously provided you with a link, let me make sure you know what we're dealing with (because this is the image that started it all smh). like ugh, he'd make such a good vampire???? so cold hearted and methodical in killing his victims, like super clinical and clean, leaving no trail...


hoya picks up myungsoo in a bar one night.

neither of them is very chatty, but hoya makes sure to ask the procedurals : family, work, friends, responsabilties? it's an all around check and hoya is not surprised that it only takes two minutes for myungsoo to follow him out the door once he's made his offer.

myungsoo is good at his job.

at first hoya doesn't think much of it when he sees the young man perk up everytime he gets praise for meticulous journaling. he makes for a good travel companion, so hoya grows attached to him and his peculiar human ways. (like eating food. and dreaming all the time. so much dreaming... it makes hoya wonder sometimes. but he can't recall how that felt like.)

it gets more and more difficult to refuse myungsoo anything when he looks at hoya with earnest eyes and simply asks for more kimchi, please hyung.

but hoya reminds himself that this is normal ; he's grateful for myungsoo's reliable services and his company is not too bad.

so as long as he's still the boss, he figures i cant hurt too much if he spoils the kid from time to time.

myungsoo writes at night mostly, when hoya is gone, out for dinner. he always makes sure to have the daily report ready whenever hoya returns.

progressively he's filled the car with sticky notes and restaurant menus and flyers for entertainement parks. hoya regularly forgets to scold him to get rid of the trash ; until it's once again come to the point where soon he won't be able to see the road clearly.

myungsoo archives part of it in the journal, and hides the rest in a black shoebox under his seat.

when hoya comes back at night, he's sated ; but his senses are still in overdrive.

he makes a routine out of skimming over myungsoo's journaling of the day before he picking out a random date to read aloud from.

there's something intimate and very soothing about going back a few weeks in time, the soft linger of memory mingling with myungsoo's words, creating a new story each time.

this is how it first happened.

hoya ruffled myungsoo's hair. it was more of an unconscious gesture, with a little bit of humor in it. myungsoo's quiet purr had no humor in it.

and just like that all of hoya's senses were on hyper alert again.

hoya is not a physical person. he vaguely remembers being really into dance as a human, but as a vampire all that passion has faded away with the alienated connection to his body.

only the challenge of a well executed hunt can make him feel alive.

he should have known this would end up a tricky situation.

hoya prides himself on being a very controlled vampire. he doesn't believe in repressing your true nature, but he doesn't believe in being nature's bitch either.

years of traveling around the world withroutined control, never neglecting his basic needs, always the master of the blood lust ; this is the first time hoya has felt itchy after feeding.

in the beginning he purposefully ignores it, but it isn't long before it's plain obvious that he can't look into myungsoo's eyes anymore. eyes brimming with need and silent screaming. hyung. please touch me. hyung.

hoya's hands are tense and his gums are itching. and he does it again, pats the top of myungsoo's head.

retreats the hand immediately and almost flies out of the car.

drains three late night drunks.

hoya tries to come up with a plan. one day at a time, step by step and all.

of course myungsoo ruins everything. myungsoo always ruins everything.

you don't have to touch me if it makes you feel hungry or if you think it's disgusting, i don't care you know.

big void eyes, full of lies.

hoya doesn't know how to explain that it doesn't make him feel hungry at all.

hoya doesn't know how to explain that myungsoo's pleading eyes give him such a heady rush of power that he feels his control slipping.

so instead he hovers his hand over myungsoo's eyes, which also has the benefit of shutting him up.

slowly he moves the hand to myungsoo's cheek and his eyes remain closed, thank the gods.

the brush of a knuckle and myungsoo lets out a soft keen.

it takes weeks for hoya to feel like he's got this, like he's not going to go full on ripper on myungsoo with his needy eyes and needy moans and need everywhere.

but one night myungsoo falls asleep in hoya's lap after playing and hoya realises this is the most peaceful he's felt in centuries.

end notes: so i guess this confirms roadtrip!hosoo problem, it's like half of my headcanons for them involve a car, hoya driving and myungsoo observing ;;;;
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