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title: his house is actually a castle
fandom: the heirs
character/ship: Eun Sang/Tan, Eun Sang-centric
rating: gen (i guess? idk tbh, somebody teach me ratings pls)
length: 2300w
disclaimer: i hate alex more than any other creature on this planet. everything sucks.
summary: This all starts in the states, where Tan is this slightly intimidating, part intriguing, part suspicious, part knight-in-shining-armor type.

notes: i literally don't even know what to say. except that this is the worst idea that i ever had EVER. and by that i mean befriending alex. she is legit the most hateful person to exist. and just so you know this is actually flashfic, that i'm disguiding as real fic, with those fancy capitals and all that jazz. don't be fooled. to be exact it's 56 minutes flashfic (and then a lot of formatting to make up for it /o\). you guys, i don't know even what i'm doing, this is officially my second fic. i hate my life.

basically this is my response to the question : but what does eunsang see in tan?

also i'm reading this again and again, and the more i read it, the more i question my ability to english, what is english. and i honestly feel terrible for even calling this fic, but idk be nice to me, i'll do better next time and tbh this was never supposed to be posted, it's just on the spot headcanon vomit because i have a lot of feels, but i felt like those feels might be relevant to our general conversation idek IDEK this is such a bad idea. but i can edit this for half of eternity and it wouldn't change much, so i'm just going to post this and idk sleep or something. /cries in a corner

His house is actually a castle.

This all starts in the States, where Tan is this slightly intimidating, part intriguing, part suspicious, part knight-in-shining-armor type.

He's the one who saves her from the streets, which gives him plus points, although it doesn't erase the potential danger (and Eun Sang remains quite suspicious of him), but as it is, she doesn't really have any other option but him and his house. She's in a foreign country, with no family help, no passport and not enough money. So, yeah. This rich Korean guy is kind of her best bet to make it home some day.

Despite awkward teasing and coming-on-too-strong flirting, he is quite decent with her. Sure, he could have been more helpful and less secretive ; but let's be real, she still got pretty lucky with him.
The couch thing at the motel was kind of asshole-ish, though. Then again, he was the one paying, and Eun Sang is glad he didn't make her sleep in the bed, just to sneak into it later.

(The thing is, those parts of the story matter the most. Before she actually learned anything about him, she'd already developed a deep-rooted gratitude towards him. Fuck.)
So, first step of the story.

Finally, she goes back to Korea.
Before she leaves, he tries some ridiculous k-drama act ; which she finds parts ridiculous, parts uncomfortable (see, Rachel), parts flattering. Just imagine a random guy ignoring his fiance in order to beg you to stay. You might be an outraged feminist, it's still fucking damn flattering.

That'd be step 2.

Step 3?
Is when she gets back home and still doesn't know who he is - but suddenly, he is back as well, just as intent on wooing her.

She doesn't really have time for it, but it's nice.
There is this fantasy of a vacation dream coming true and, hey, who knows, maybe there is such a thing as golden luck, and a handsome rich guy will want to marry her, and she won't have to work 17 hours a day all her life... Not that she's considering marriage, or even dating this guy, whoa, slow down there. But there's still this small hope that maybe things can get better for her (and not just by a little bit).

Step 4. It turns out that he's the son of that family, that family who has treated her mother like shit for the last few years. Yeah.

Boom, car crash.
(Except this time it really breaks and hurts.)

Vanished is the fairytale nostalgia.

So now she's living with that asshole. That privileged motherfucker, who doesn't know how to appreciate what he has, and thinks he can woo her with his "funny" flirting. God, she hates him so much.
He's despicable.

What she hates even more, is the feeling of loss that she feels, now that there is a big red cross on that door.

Dammit. Why won't he leave her alone, that idiot rich boy. She can tell that his presence is making things at school harder than they'd already be if it was just her. Why can't he let her keep a low profile?

But then he saves her again. "New money."

At first she's terrified as fuck. What. did. he. do? It's over, she is so fucked. (But then Chan Young tells her that this is her best way out, and she's more confused than ever.)
Meanwhile, he keeps doing those obnoxiously nice things. That she doesn't want him to be doing. (But she's not going to lie and say that her heart didn't instantly beat a little slower once she saw him step in the bullying mess.)

But what's that hero boy said? You're just like him? This rings a bell... Oh, what he told Myung Soo that one morning...

So he's even more of an entitled prick than she thought. Great. Luck was just knocking at her door with that one! And now Young Do doesn't stop messing with her either, with all his double standard flirting. Jesus Christ what could she have done to attract all the fucked up daddy's boys?

Riding in the car is nice. His shoulder on her shoulder is... strange. But not in a bad way. Just in a strange, very forbidden way. Ugh, what is wrong with him that he doesn't get it? This is not a game. It's not a rom-com story, a nice happy end to a vacation flirting (which, by the way, she did not even participate in, okay, she was just trying to get back home as safe as possible.)

She hates the way he always tries to pull them out of context.

Let's not argue, I just want to cheer you up, let me distract you with silly come on's, so you can forget for one second that you're fetching water for my insufferable, hysterical, alcoholic mother...
He is such a child, it exhausts her.

She's exhausted of fighting, fighting so hard to stay in her zone. Her zone is exhausting. (When his zone looks so nice, so nice and restful.) And he keeps sending her invitations. She's bone tired of refusing again and again and again... She's tired of saying no to how nice that wine smells, how pretty the dream-catcher looks, hanging by that window (much prettier than it ever would in her own shabby closet of a room).

It's not fair.

She's not going to stay long this time. She knows she shouldn't go down to the cellar anymore - when he's always there waiting for her.

But it feels like it's less forbidden there. Like it's a nomandsland where she can pretend they're not actually living in a big castle with even bigger locks. It's nice down there. It's warm. The light is good and it doesn't hurt that she's allowed to play music either... And there's just something about that wine. Wine is something strange, you know? There is this peaceful, earthy feel to the room. Like they're not really alone ; but it's not an uncomfortable feeling, more like something that makes all of this a little bit realer.

Of course, he always ends up wanting to ask her questions.

He's always telling things about himself, but she can guess it's all half lies. He's only telling her so that she'll talk back. But she's not that stupid, boy. She never says less than what would be appropriate. she never says more.

But one little sentence at a time, he's starting to hold on to things, she can sense it.

It's a strange feeling. She's not sure if she likes it. Part of her does, part of her is scared. It's kind of like when he keeps showing up at work, kind of like how he doesn't stop acting like he's her boyfriend or some shit. Does he really not get it? They are impossible. (His mother makes sure to remind her, at least once a week.) Oh, it's easy for him to pretend that this is a fairytale - he is living the fairytale. Yeah, family issues my ass. How can that even remotely compare to what her mother and her have to go through on the daily? He knows nothing.

He knows nothing.

She can't handle the way he's always touching her. It's what confuses her most. Because as much as it startles her, as uncomfortable as she gets, she can never forget about it either. So maybe, she's just a little cold to the touch. Maybe it's just that she's not used to it...

It's nothing like when Young Do touches her. She can be mad at Young Do - how dare he! But Tan... with Tan it's different. It's difficult. He's there all the time, everywhere. He's nice. He's stupid and privileged and doesn't understand anything. But he likes her and it doesn't feel fair for her to be so adamant about refusing him. Shouldn't she be over the moon to have a guy like him begging for her?

Ugh, she's so tired of this. Why can't her life be simple. Why couldn't she have stayed at her old school? (But then the possibilities that graduating from there would give her and what about her dream of studying in a foreign country and what about her mother and and and...)

If there's a way for her to graduate from this school, she needs to try. God, she's so ungrateful. Why is she making things so complicated? She just doesn't know anymore - would it be better to refuse Tan or to accept him? What will make her chances grow, what will doom her for sure? It's like everyday another answer comes up, yes no yes no. Does she even like Tan? (Who cares... He's okay though. He's okay.)

But she can't let him have his way either, she's not like that. She's not that desperate.
Besides, she doesn't know for sure that it won't make things worse.

The fact that he followed her to the theatre is the weirdest of all.

The first thing she felt? Pure, undiluted anger.
How fucking dare he. She wanted to be alone and she did everything to make that explicit. No phone, no notice, nothing. How. dare. he.

(But a little voice, very soft, very persistent, keeps sighing about how impressive that is. That he searched for her with such conviction, searched and searched until he found her.) She does her best to shut that voice up. No luck.

The kiss on the rooftop didn't come as a surprise. Ever since the cupboard incident, she was anticipating it. It was only a matter of time, really. But she didn't expect him to use it in order to shut her up. She thought she was worth better than that. Stupid girl.

Thank God he doesn't hold her back after.

Oh no, not Young Do. She cannot deal with him now, she just really cannot.
Wait, what... he just let her go? Just like that?

Ha, she must look more distraught than she thought. (Shit.) Let's hope Bo Na can meet her soon, she needs to clear her thoughts and get the poker face back on, this is bad.

You can always count on Lee Bo Na, though. Eun Sang is so grateful it chokes her, so she doesn't really say much, except thank you. (Bo Na is too good a friend to let even that drag on.) Anyway, it's back to showtime. Who cares about stupid boys kissing like stupid stupid stupid boys do. Who cares.

She makes it through the day okay. She manages to avoid Tan quite well and, she's not going to lie, she's proud of herself for navigating the school corridors so well. You take that, Kim Tan. But, of course, home is where he corners her.

Always grabbing grabbing grabbing.

Wow, and is he serious with the hero act? Unbelievable. He really does not get it.

But damn, his face looks really hurt. It's so swollen... Is that her fault? It can't be. It can't be. (He's lying, he is. He's just trying to keep her there when she wants to go, yes that must be it. Right?)
When he tells her that she's ungrateful and doesn't deserve his help, she almost scoffs, but then catches herself. (Not a smart move there, Eun sang. Don't wake the dragon.)

But when he tells her that he deserves better, that she never did anything for him? Well, she's gutted.

She didn't expect that. Fuck. She should have expected that and prepare better. Because he's right. He's right and what can she say to that?

After that he starts aggressively ignoring her and it's a relief. It really is. But then it's not?
Does he have to make it so obvious that he despises her? It doesn't feel good. (God, she hates hates hates that it hurts, but it does. What did she even do?)

She didn't expect to be so heartbroken, overhearing the family angst. She'd always thought rich people didn't know pain. Maybe she was wrong about that. But how could she have known?

She has to talk to him, say something, anything. But he's standing there like a closed door. With a clear sign : I dare you.

And she dares.

She walks up the stairs one step at a time and then she's there, hand raised to knock.
He keeps sneering at her indecision - easy for him. The world frontier doesn't exist in his vocabulary. Regardless, she crosses the line. She didn't come all the way up to be sneered away.

When he hugs her like that, it's like he wants to trap her. (Why is she here again?)
But then he talks about freedom and she thinks he's crazy. He's crazy. He is flat out crazy.

But all night long it chants "he'll break down all barriers for you, he'll break down all barriers for you..."

Young Do has slowly been changing his ways. Somehow now there is a softness to his voice that mixes with the sarcasm, and she doesn't understand it. But she can tell a predator when she sees one.

And there's one word that keeps ringing in her head (ungrateful, ungrateful).

She's not really sure, what she'll say when Tan picks up the phone. But it feels like the right thing to do. Maybe she can just hang up right away, switch off her phone and pretend there was no service anymore? Or that her battery died? Yeah, it's not like she actually has to talk to him, just call.

And then Rachel. Fuck, what is it this week with everybody telling her she's doing things wrong ; she's just trying the best she can, goddammit.

(And then. You know what happens then.)

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btw I think you should do one of these after each batch of episodes. so as to teach us all how to Eun Sang/Tan. good plan, y/y.

Date: 2013-11-10 07:58 pm (UTC)
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btw I think you should do one of these after each batch of episodes. so as to teach us all how to Eun Sang/Tan. good plan, y/y.

what is wrong with you


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I can't read this yet. BUT OMG YOU WROTE FIC I AM SO SO SO SO VERY PROUD!!!!

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I'm here.

And I resent this meta-fic and all it stands for.

How dare you, really?

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I will be back because fuck you.

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:') crying because you flatter me

please come back with more coherent thoughts if you ever have them because i have a visceral need to discuss this over and over again (this doesn't have to be here actually, anywhere is good to talk about this, but just talk to meeeee, the angst is eating me up, idk what to do ESPECIALLY BECAUSE I DO NOT SHIP THAT i think everyone is mistakenly assuming so but this is actually destroying my soul, why am i so obsessed with this terrible pairing)

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DOES THIS MEAN IT MADE SENSE TO YOU??? i hope it diiiiid <333


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