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Ok so seriously my internet situation is getting very annoying, so even if I now get occasional internet, I don't really feel like flisting, I'm sorry :(

BUT. The Heirs has taken over my life (SORRY FOR EVERYBODY WHO ISN'T WATCHING TBH. Y'ALL ARE MISSING OUT ON ALL OUR EPIC CONVOS.) and yesterday I was typing up "a few" of my ep 7/8 thoughts, because I didn't feel like making a post, but Lizzie was so kind and did one \o/. What I didn't expect was for my rambling to get so out of control omfg *facepalms*. So in the end, this reached such an embarrassing comment length that I decided to post half of it at Lizzie's and half of it as its own post.

And with those intro words I welcome you to the Tan/Eun Sang overanalysis post. Feel at home.

I'm crossposting two sections of the blabber I left at Lizzie's, because I feel like without them, the following will make less sense ; but for all the rest, you can find it (and everybody else's squee as well - because we are an active fandom yo!) at Lizzie's page if you wish, here. But it's very TL;DR so a brief summary of what you should know : Kim Won needs to be removed from my eyesight, Bona/Eunsang is the ultimate OTP and if you disagree then you are wrong and need to reconsider your life choices, other random shit (seriously, I have no idea how this even got so long).

First of all, the two crosspostings (lol this sounds so fancy, but it's not):

Also, speaking of Park Umma : I cried all the tears in my body at the uniform thing. It was such a perfect scene. GUH. This is the best written relationship on this entire show. (And honestly that's saying something, because for all the trope this show is working with, pretty much all the relationships work for me (as in, I buy them). Except for Won because wtaf even that dude, please disappear.) But Jesus Eff, the exchange was so stunning and heartbreaking and JUST SO SPOT ON RE: THEIR DYNAMIC it was the greatest. I absolutely love how subtly problematic Eun Sang's relationship is with her mother, while also being super loving, because it's make it insanely realistic to me. Eun Sang resents her mother SO MUCH. She feels trapped because of her and has the typical I-need-to-manage-my-own-parent-because-they-could-never-survive-without-me-and-thus-I-must-self-sacrifice-forever motto. BUT THEN PARK UMMA WHO IS THE GREATEST NEVER FAILS TO SHOW HER WHO IS THE MOM AND IDK IT JUST REALLY MAKES MY HEART CLENCH BECAUSE IDK COMPLEX MOTHER-DAUGHTER DYNAMICS MAKE MY HEART TURN INTO GOO. And I really really like how emotionally awkward/unavailable Eun Sang is. Because you can tell that she's extremely happy, but at the same time her reaction is so overwhelmed and she seems desperate to get herself under control again (and says adorable things like "Of course, I look pretty in everything!" /askdjakjm). Without the scenes with her mother you'd think that this is just her with weirdo rich boys, but it's not. She's just really bad at expressing emotions in a natural fashion? It's absolutely fascinating to me. She either works the numb act (survival skill number 1) or she's all humorless wit (which I'm guessing is why Young Do is so attracted to her, because underneath his glaring need for a blank canvas to reinvent himself he also likes mirrors that make him like the reflection he sees) or she flips her emotional switch and lets her inner turmoil (which mind you is 100% valid) playing out on her face full force, making it her ultimate weapon to kill boys. (And in that she is the polar opposite of Bo Na, who's all spontaneous!emotions all the time.)

You already know all the whys and hows of my fascination for the adult drama, so I won't get into that again. EXCEPT. There has been new development and I am here for it, so I must talk about it briefly. THE WAY THEY ARE SETTING UP THE CLASS PARALLELS BETWEEN PARENTS AND CHILDREN IS MY NEW FAVORITE THING. YES YES YES. I really like that the show seriously the show is tackling the problematic financial and social disparities. Like, obvs this is still all for drama and might get be swept under the rug in time for OTP sappiness in the end, but for now I am enjoying this consistently dark aspect of it a lot. Like, I'm so down for Tan's mom being all scolding about Tan/Eun Sang and basically humiliating Eun Sang forever. Not that I enjoy watching it. But I like that the show is playing it like that because tbh the only way I am ever going to be able to remotely ship the OTP is if the HUGELY PROBLEMATIC dynamic of their living situation gets addressed. I mean, Eun Sang is not officially working for the Kim family, but lbr she is a part time maid of the household regardless. And Tan just does not want to acknowledge it because he lives in cotton-candy-land, so I like that the show doesn't forget about it. Even though it's super not fun to watch.


Y'all, I don't have a lot of downright squicks. There are things I'm not super fond of, things I'd rather not see, certain tropes that don't do it for me, whatever. But there aren't a lot of specific things that are an automatic no-no in my book? Usually, it all depends on the context and the ship.


FML I HAVE THE BIGGEST NON-CON HAIRTOUCHING SQUICK IN THE UNIVERSE. WHY IS IT A THING THAT EXIST. WHY DO PEOPLE DO IT. DON'T TOUCH THE FUCKING HAIR DUDE, JUST DO NOT TOUCH IT. IT IS NOT YOUR FUCKING PROPERTY. BACK THE FUCK OFF. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY. Like am I supposed to find this ROMANTIC??? Are you shitting me, show? It's so fucking gross I can't. So not only does Tan think he's entitled to dictate how Eun Sang should wear her hair, he also keeps touching it without asking WHILE SHE IS CLEARLY UNCOMFORTABLE UGH UGH UGH GROSS GROSS PLS HOLD ME :'( And then he also mussed her hair all up, like, fuck you, don't you know it takes a shitton of work to get our hair pretty and shiny and don't put your filthy hands in it, I don't know where that's been *growls*. I legit cannot with the fact that he did the hair tie pulling twice in like 5 minutes... If that becomes a "couple thing" I will start the biggest anti ship campain to ever campain there will hear it all the way to Korea :@

Gawd, and his jealous over-protectiveness gets on my nerves so much... And especially when there is not even a ~valid reason (read: Young Do danger) for it. Like the "who did you date omfg why do you like this song I'm so crey boohoohoo", when she just liked the song because of her unnie. I mean, DUDE. Don't you know this girl at all? Being emotionally numb is her best card. She doesn't like songs because of boys, don't you know? Which of course is also known as : even if she did, she definitely wouldn't tell you. Duh. (But there ain't no doubt in my shipper soul that there is a song that reminds her of sparkly Lee Bo Na, ahem.)

BUT OMFG THE HAIR THING UGHHHHHHH. It will not stop upsetting me. Not even Park Shin Hye's flawless hair porn helped (but wow, her hair ok. ARGH, HOW DARE HE TOUCH IT. IT IS NOT FOR YOU, YOU SIMPLE MORTAL.) EW EW EW HE EVEN CONTINUED TOUCHING IT AFTER AND MESSED IT UP, WHAT IS HIS PROBLEM??? DO NOT WANT THIS SHIT ON MY SCREEN, KEEP IT UNDER LOCKS PLS AND THX. (I realize that I am forever alone in this squick and it's ok. I JUST NEED TO EXPRESS MY PAIN IS ALL.)

Otherwise, I think all the OTP interactions are super super meta and as much as I do not ship this right now, I'm still loving every second of them on a characterization level? Like, Tan The Manchild is romantically ~heartbroken over how mean his mother is to Eun Sang because he luuurves her. But Eun Sang? She's not heartbroken at all, she's fucking humiliated and bitter. And that in the most resigned way too, because to her this is just another day(!!!!). I know the show is very probably going to forget about this sharp dichotomy at some point along the road, but for now, I think the writing is spot on. And it's not just the writing of the characters, it's also the writing of the characters within the ship. Eun Sang constantly tries to remind him that he's deluding himself if he thinks he can act as if they are equals ; he just does not want to hear it. But what's easy for him to "overlook" is being slapped in her face all day, every day - she cannot "forget" the gap that's between them, because their entire environment is here to make sure she never forgets. Which is why the "Kim Tan hwaiting!" tirade followed by her breaking it down to him that, dude, she cannot say "no" in his household, is he dumb or what, was the best. I really like that this is how their dynamic is consistently played. Him being flirty/ridiculous/light-hearted and her being lol-no-life-sucks-pls-leave-me-the-fuck-alone-you-make-everything-worse!!! Because the way he is tackling this romance is absolutely LUDICROUS and I'm glad Eun Sang agrees.

Btw, it's not like I'm constantly sad-facing at their interactions.

(However, I'd really like for the motel flashbacks to stop, because those were the times where I shipped it, I don't need to be reminded ok I really do not. Because motel scenery and near!kisses and taking of shirts and sleeping in the same room, ahem. Sorry not sorry. But yeah, vacation romance is not real life romance, Tan. Try to remember that, dude. This is no longer holiday time! Eun Sang works 24/7 and incidentally helps out in your own home, where you do nothing, so...)

Anyway, I'm very fond of the progressive friendship they've been building - because thankfully, that hasn't been pushed the way the romance has. I like that the friendship has been growing on Eun Sang's terms (and that's the wonderful thing about friendship, isn't it? You can never command it), she's been playing it very safe with the emotional intimacy and I love it. (Like the scene in the cellar, was actually one of my favorites? She agrees to listen to the song, because she can't have him being too upset, plus she likes the song ; but then he wants to ask questions and asap she can she is out of there, because nope, not a chance.)

As far as I'm concerned the ~romantic flashback Eun Sang has lying in bed are not romantic at all. But rather she's replaying their shared memories together, while the realization of his earlier words sink in : that idiot serioulsy likes her. And you know how I stan survivor!Eunsang... How dangerous would be for her if she didn't play along a minimum? Like, can she even afford to refuse his feelings? Me thinks no. Young Do might be the one that appears more threatening, but the power Tan can have in Eun Sang's life (especially re: her mother) is way huger. So it's actually super realistic to me, that Eun Sang finds herself standing on the line quite a lot - she's in a delicate situation where it can be very dangerous for her to utter a definitive, radical "no". And negl, this aspect of the ship is the ultimate most fascinating to me because malskdjmaj Park Shin Hye's acting gives me everything I waaaaant. I don't even have to fankwank anything she just makes it canon with her body language ;___;

((Yeah, I don't think I could repress my wrong!ship feels if the show full on went for fake couple scenario. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT TAN PUT OUT THERE BTW, hold me somebody. Like, he tells her he likes her blah blah. AND THEN. Then he's basically like : ok you're life is the worst, so what? Are you going to move out? No. What you're going to do is this : start liking me AND IF YOU CAN, DO A CONVINCING JOB. Like. Oh my fucking God. (This might be the translation misleading me, so if anybody read this scene differently or speaks Korean, then please do enlighten me. But the way I see it, he flat out offered her to play pretend and be his girlfriend and also pls to be convincing kthx. I cannot even. Help.))

Oh, another thing I liked! The head on shoulder moment - because it was very tender and non sexual. I didn't feel like there was any malice or manipulation behind it - he just wanted to be close to her. Which is also an interesting/important element in their dynamic... It's undeniable that Tan is a very sensual person, with a great need for physical closeness ; while Eun Sang seems very disconnected from her body (the way she keeps bumping into people and getting startled). It's an tricky dynamic, with a lot of potential - good and bad. And as these last two episodes (7&8) showed their power dynamics make it a huge red danger flag. HUGE.

I'm ecstatic that this red flag was CANONICALLY ACKNOWLEDGED (and by Tan himself no less)!!!! Almost couldn't believe it, tbh. But he legit resented her for blindly trusting him in LA because who knew what might have happened like WHO KNOWS IF HE'S NOT THAT GUY (show, there were stars in my eyes, well fucking done). Of course this was more in a context of scaring her away from Young Do... But the fact that he used HIMSELF as an example to make his point is actually remarkable (and extremely telling). And then the show proceeds to show how thin the line is where Tan/consent is. The scene in the closet (or wherever) where he almost kissed her while everything about her was SCREAMING "no no no no"... Hold my creys. I just. There ain't no way this is played as a right!ship at the moment. It probably will be at some point in the future and, ngl, this is what prevents me from wrong!shipping this (the way I kind of want to because ughhhh such a flawless wrong!ship tbh. Too bad I am still very much in hate with them).

Also, very fascinated with the different ways Tan and Eun Sang try to out ~manipulate each other in that "start liking me/give me back my cellphone" scene (SUCH A GOOD SCENE). And just to be clear, I'm not using manipulation as a negative term, but just very as a very basic description of what they are both doing here : using their emotionality as a means to drive their point home (both) / assess the power that they have over the other (Tan) / reclaim the power that they have been stripped of (Eun Sang). What's particularly interesting to me, is the different ways they do that (in this scene, but also in other settings as well). Tan is constantly crossing lines. He's very physical and blunt with emotions - anything that will make the other party uncomfortable and give him either a distraction effect or a shock effect, so in both cases less resistance to the matter at hand. Where Tan is very loud and in your space, Eun Sang is the opposite. Usually, she has that chill cynism thing working for her, but in situations where she's endangered and in need to defend herself (against an aggressor that she has little chance of winning against, let's not forget), she gets very physically tense and distressed looking. All the emotions she usually keeps rather low profile are suddenly right there screaming under the surface. She's literally brimming with repressed emotions, but in a way that isn't physically threatening at all, in fact, this sudden display of pain/distress is all about appealing to the compassion of the aggressor. If you will, this is her best chance at emotionally guilt tripping and getting a little of that power back on her side.

This is also a highly interesting phenomenon within the OT3 because Young Do is very sensitive to that kind of ~genuine distress (which is what bullying usually gives him), so it's no wonder Eun Sang appeals to him so much. Also, while that Tan/Eun Sang scene is a very clear illustration for the power play and power dynamics, this is something that has been happening all over the place and both characters tend to apply the same intimidation technique/defense mechanism when it comes to Young Do too. Which Young Do mirrors by systematically asking a lot of bothering questions, being the King of deflection and finishing off with the most threatening one liners if he can (+ throw in some ~casual manpain for Eun Sang, because the lonely!act tends to work better with ladies than with bros).

Basically, everything is canon and nothing hurts. (Kind of. Just burry the hair thing, please.) I'm going to fanwank Eun Sang/Tan as an established wrong!ship for as long as I possibly can/canon lets me. Maybe I'll end up shipping it, maybe not. I can only hope T/ES/YD carry on with their cold war in emo!manipulation and I really hope Eun Sang gets more ruthless so that she can actually have a chance at winning, because she definitely isn't evil enough atm :(. Praying for my precious lesbian OTP to get all the cute scenes forever, for Rachel to get a decent plot soon and for Won to die.

Okkk... this has been disgustingly long, but it's over now!

Now, please put me out of my misery and discuss this with me. Or other things, whatever, as long as it's show related, come at meee!
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